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Anatomical modification of Cyperaceae family from Rasool Headworks, District Mandi Bahauddin

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Raeesa Batool1* , Hamza Aslam1 , Mehwish Farooq1 , Zakia Zia1 , Sadia Bibi2 , Maria Choudhary1 , Ayesha Khalid1 , Iqra Malik2 , Hasnain Abbas3*
1 Department of Botany, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
2Department of Biotechnology, Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, Multan, Pakistan
3 Department of Agronomy, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
*Corresponding author email: agronomist.514@gmail.com; raeesabatool372@gmail.com
Submitted Accepted Published
Sep 25,2020 Nov 12,2020 Nov 25,2020

2020 / Vol: 3 / Issue: 4


Among monocots Cyperaceae family is third largest family having 109 genera containing 5500 species. Its distribution is worldwide including pine forests and mountainous areas. On economic and ethnobotanical scale almost 10% species of this family are specially used at local or regional level. Anatomical study of these species can be helpful in various fields as systematics, cytogenetics, and taxonomy. Characteristics including size and shape of vascular tissue, thickness, and nature of epidermis, within vascular bundles and cortex presence of sclerenchyma and moderation in bulliform cells were some annalistic characters which were distinguished among closely related species of this family. Through double standard staining technique by free hand sectioning permanent slides were prepared. Using ocular microscope transverse sections of leaf were observed and later photographed using camera equipped compound micrometer. As herbarium sheet plant material was preserved for future records. Statistical analysis including multivariate (cluster) and variance was used for comparison of mean using LSD (least significant difference) for determining the differences between different species of Cyperaceae family. Key words: Anatomical, Cyperaceae family


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