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Catalysis for biodiesel production through alkali metals, alkaline metal and transition metal oxides

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Faheem Abbas1, Muhammad Usman Tahir1*, Maria Khalid1, Muhammad Saqlain Awais1

Ali Raza Ayub1, Muhammad Bilal Khan1

1Department of chemistry, university of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan

*Corresponding author: usmantahir4824@gmail.com
Submitted Accepted Published
Oct 22,2019 Dec 20,2019 Nov 24,2019

2019 / Vol: 2 / Issue: 4


An ever-increasing demand of energy enforced the researchers to investigate the renewable energy resources other than fossil fuels. Biodiesel lessens net carbon dioxide emissions up to 78%with reference to conventional fuel. In present study Pongamia Pinnata seeds as a feedstock were collected from coal area of Faisalabad and roadside of Okara, Pakistan. Homogeneous basic, heterogeneous basic and heterogeneous acidic catalyst were selected such as KOH, MGO, ZNO, alcohol to oil molar ratio for the maximum production like oil/catalyst concentration, reaction temperature, alcohol to oil molar ratio for the maximum production of biodiesel at reduced cost. Pongamia Pinnata seed oil was extracted from screw press machine, filtered by vacuum filtration, fractional distillation and then Trans esterified to biodiesel. The quality of produced biodiesel tested using various standards assays ASTM, D6751, ENN14214 to determined saponification value, iodine value, pour point and density. We used gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric (GC-MS) analysis for the determination of produced biodiesel composition. The obtained results tested using ANOVA with post-hoc Tukey test HSD test.

Key words: Biodiesel production, alkali metals, alkaline metal, transition metal oxides


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