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COVID-19 Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among Medical and Non-Medical Students of Karachi, Pakistan -- A Comparative Cross-sectional Study

The International Journal of Biological Research (TIJOBR)

Roheen Sohaira1,2*, Hersha1, Varsha3, Aqsa Kabir3, Sadia Ayub1, Shahanza Lucky Ariz3, Hiba Quraishi1,
Arham Sulaiman1, Aiman Ismail1
1Jinnah Sindh Medical, University Karachi.
2Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi.
3Dow Medical College, Karachi
*Corresponding Author: roheensohaira@gmail.com

Submitted Accepted Published
Aug 23,2020 Jul 18,2020 Aug 23,2020

2020 / Vol: 3 / Issue: 3


OBJECTIVE:To assess and compare knowledge, attitude and practice regarding COVID-19 among medical and nonmedical students of Karachi, Pakistan
METHODS:A cross sectional study was conducted among medical and non-medical students of Karachi, Pakistan from
April-May 2020. Male and female students studying in first to fifth year at various medical and non-medical universities
of Karachi were inducted through non probability convenience sampling after getting their informed consent.
RESULTS:Out of the total 432 students, 331 (76.1%) were female while 101(23.4%) were male. About 259(60.0%)
medical students and 153(35.4%) non-medical students were aware about the detection of COVID-19 in their
country(p=0.013).More than half of the medical students, 221 (51.4%) and 113 (26.2%) non-medical students knew the
unavailability of vaccine against COVID-19 (p=<0.001).A total of 264(61.1%) medical students and 158(36.6%) nonmedical students agreed that handwashing is necessary for the prevention of infection (p=<0.001). Almost half of the
medical students, 201(46.5%) were of the opinion that smoking will not prevent infection as compared to 80(18.5) nonmedical students(p=<0.001).Similarly, 191(44.2%) medical students felt that antibiotics will not prevent infection as
compared to 74(17.1%) non-medical students(p=<0.001). Upon comparison of the students pertaining to practice of
COVID-19, 123(28.5%) medical students said that they use alcoholic hand rub as compared to 61(14.1%) non-medical
CONCLUSION: In conclusion, this research clearly indicates the difference in knowledge, attitude and practice among
medical and non-medical students towards COVID-19. This reflects an urgent need of planning more awareness
campaigns and health policies to fight against COVID-19. This data can be used to further asses the satisfaction of
students at a larger level.


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