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Effect of Spacing & Potassium Application on Growth and Yield of Radish Raphanus Sativus Cv Mino Early

The International Journal of Biological Research (TIJOBR)

R.K. Chhetri1*, R. Pantaand R.K. Shrestha2
*Corresponding author: rajankc2052@gmail.com

Submitted Accepted Published
Sep 08,2018 Jan 23,2019 Feb 07,2019

2019 / Vol: 2 / Issue: 1


Optimum use of potassium (K) fertilizer and proper plant geometry can be effective way to increase radish productivity. A field experiment was conducted at Horticulture farm of IAAS, Lamjung Campus, Nepal during October-December, 2017 to study the effect of K and spacing on growth and yield of radish cv Mino Early. Three replications of five levels of K (0, 20, 30, 40 and 50 kg ha-1) and three levels of spacing (20 cm x 10cm, 20cm x 20 cm and 20cm x 30 cm) were laid out in randomized complete block design. We found highly significant effect of spacing and K on yield and its attributes. Maximum number of leaves, shoot weight, shoot per plot, root length, root girth, root weight and root yield (48.01 ton) was obtained with application of 50kg K2O ha-1 whereas minimum value was obtained with control for all parameters. K level from 20-50 kgha-1 resulted similar yield attributes and yield. In case of spacing, 20cm x 30 cm produced maximum number of leaves, shoot weight, shoot per plot, root length and root girth but root yield was minimum. 20cm x 20 cm spacing resulted maximum root yield (50.94 ton ha-1). Interaction effect of spacing and potassium was found to be significant for none of the parameters. These results suggested that total root yield can be increased by planting radish at spacing of 20cm x 20cm and of 20 kg K2O ha-1 might be economic to use but further research with same levels of K and spacing is suggested. 

Keywords: Girth, Interaction, Potassium, Radish, Spacing


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