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Experience 101; The Network of Dynasties in Kenya-A Social Network Approach

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Joram Ngugi Kamau1*

*Corresponding author:  ngugij88@gmail.com

Submitted Accepted Published
Nov 22,2018 Jan 29,2019 Feb 15,2019

2019 / Vol: 2 / Issue: 1


Equal access to employment opportunities both in private and public sectors in Kenya by the youths is a complete fallacy. Despite efforts by the government to ensure that all employment opportunities are made available to the public, the human resource departments at respective institutions are always cognitive of various allotments in their networks. This study targeted unemployed youths at the country’s capital city, Nairobi. Sampling was also done to those youths employed both in private and public sectors at the central business district. Through the structural analysis of employment network, the study revealed that the employment pattern in the country’s capital is based on the philosophy of whom you know and not what you know. The study also revealed that employment opportunities in the informal sector have been hindered by inaccessibility to capital and credit facilities by the youths since they have no collateral to secure loans. Corruption in securing any opportunity in the country has been normalized and therefore inhibiting fair competition in various platforms. The government should therefore introduce punitive measures to deter predetermined recruitments which are skewed towards network godfathers in both public and private sectors. 

Key words: Unemployment; Youths; Social Networks; Predetermined Recruitment


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