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Prevalence of Different Genetic Traits and their association with gender among the Population of Punjab, Pakistan.

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Rabail Afzal1*, Anas Ur Rehman Sheikh1, Aqib Riaz1, Ali Khan1

Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.

*Corresponding Author: rabail.afzal.10@gmail.com

Submitted Accepted Published
Jul 04,2019 Jul 25,2019 Sep 01,2019

2019 / Vol: 2 / Issue: 3


The present study was conducted in the province of Punjab, Pakistan to determine the presence of genetically controlled traits like ear lobe, tongue rolling, ABO blood group system, facial dimple, color blindness and hair texture. Sometimes expression of these traits can vary due to the influence of environment like that of facial dimple which are genetically dominant but their presence can also due to chubby cheeks or dysfunctional facial muscle. A total of 1000 individuals were observed randomly comprising of 500 male and 500 female. The presence and expression of these genetic traits was observed as: dominant traits like tongue rolling (66.6%), straight hair type (57.3%), B+ blood group (35.7%) and free earlobe (62.3%) and were more frequently present among the population. While color blindness (97.9%) and facial dimple (77.7%) show recessive nature and were expressed more in recessive form in the population. The association of these traits with gender was also observed. Chi-square test showed association of gender with some of the traits.

Keywords: • Human genetics • Morphogenetic traits • facial dimple • ABO blood group •Tongue rolling


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