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Social and psychological status of women suffering breast cancer in southern Punjab, Pakistan.

The International Journal of Global Sciences (TIJOGS)


Qurat-ul-Ain1, Nazia Nayazi2

Department of Gender studies, Bahauddin Zakriya University Multan, Pakistan

Institute of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development University of Faisalabad

*Corresponding author’s email: quratulainmalik56@gmail.com

Submitted Accepted Published
Apr 20,2019 Jul 25,2019 Aug 23,2019

2019 / Vol: 2 / Issue: 3


The low level of awareness, social & financial problems as well as poor screening uptake have been linked to the high prevalence of breast cancer in our environment. To determine the social, financial, medical, sexual and psychological problems faced by females having breast cancer in southern Punjab, Pakistan. This study was organized on breast cancer patient in southern Punjab and patients of Minar hospital to Check the socio and psychological impact of breast removing women. Sample size was 120 patients of Minar hospital Multan. The data will examine numerically such as averages, percentages and irritated tabulations will apply to current   data. Maximum female patients belong to rural area of Southern Punjab. These female come to   Minar hospital Multan for the purpose of treatment. The 68.3% female patients consulted to the medical doctor of breast cancer. But then also maximum female’s patient has health care barriers due to the shortage of money and women faced a lot problem like cultural barriers. Maximum females respond that the treatment of    their   disease create a huge   problems in the world and leaves a huge burden on family members. A lower class people cannot afford a huge amount for the treatment of   the   disease    of   breast   cancer. The 52.5% females   faced a difficulty about sexual attractiveness of highest level. The 64.2% females feel less feminine after breast surgery. After the surgery maximum female’s patients are worry about their husband because     their    husband    not give   attention of them after the surgery. The 88.3% female’s patients are     completely    hopeful   about their future life. The 52.5% females faced a   huge about sexual interest or activity. The 88.3% females feel un survive    after   the   operate. The 90.8% females feel comfortable different after the surgery than before the surgery. The 56.7% females are worry about their sexual attractiveness.

Key words: breast cancer, social status, southern Punjab


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