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Taxonomic studies of freshwater algae from different sites in Kassowal, Tehsil Chichawatni, Punjab

The International Journal of Biological Research (TIJOBR)


Amina Fareed1, Mashal Javed1, Syeda Rida Zahra1, Umal Bashir1, Shehnaz Jami2

1Department Botany, Government College University, Lahore

2Department of Plant Pathology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Submitted Accepted Published
May 12,2022 Jun 06,2022 Jun 29,2022

2022 / Vol: 5 / Issue: 1


Tehsil Chichawatni, town Kassowal was explored for freshwater algae and 10 samples from different localities were collected during September 2019 to February 2020. Total eleven species of algae belonging to three kingdoms; Monera, Protista and Protoctista were documented. Kingdom Monera was found to be most abundant included one Phylum Cyanophycota containing 2 classes, 2 orders, 2 families, 4 genera and 5 species i.e. Chroococus turgidus, Merismopedia punctuate, Gloeocapsa calcarea, Oscillatoria curviceps, Oscillatoria willei. Kingdom Protista having 1 phylum; Bacillariophycota including 1 class, 1 order, 4 families, 4 genera, 5 species i.e. Synedra ulna, Gomphonema ghosea, Nitzshia palea, N. vermicularis, Navicula exigua. Kingdom Protoctista included only 1 phylum Chlorophycota having 1 class, 1 order, 1 family, 1 genera and 1 species i.e. Spirogyra pratensis. Navicula exigua was common species among the five collection sites.

Key words: Taxonomy, fresh water, algae


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