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2019 / Vol: 2 / Issue: 2

Variation of storage mycoflora of Maize (Zea mays L.) harvested at different moisture levels

Aqib Manzoor1, Amer Habib1*, Ahsan Abdullah2, Adeel Sultan2, Benish Ashfaq2, Ahsan Mhyou Ud Din3*Corresponding author: amer.habib@uaf.edu.pk 1.Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan.2.Department of Plant Pathology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan3.Oil Seed Research Institute, Ayub Agriculture Research Institute, Faisalabad 

2019 / Vol: 2 / Issue: 1

Green Synthesis of Silver nanoparticles by Luffa acutangula peel extract and their anti-microbial activity

Madhavi Vemula1*, Anna Tanuja Safala1Corresponding author: madhuchem9@gmail.com Contact mobile: 91-9160072989

Investigation of the interactive effect of topping and plant spacing on growth, yield and quality of Gossypiumhirsutum L.

H. M. Waseem1, M. Usman Gani1, Aamir Ali1, Ahmad Ali1, H. Ehtsham Ali2, Abdur Rehman1*, Nasir Javaid1, Ahmad Zunair Zaman1, Ahmad Bilal*Corresponding author: abdurrehmanmahar@gmail.com

Epidemiological studies of Okra Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus (OYVMV) and its management strategies

Mirza Waqas Safder1*, M. Usman1, H. Ehtsham Ali2, Muhammad Jabran1, Rahmatullah Samil1, Aboomer1, Ahsan Abdullah1and Sadia Latif1*Corresponding author: mirzawaqas607@gmail.com

Experience 101; The Network of Dynasties in Kenya-A Social Network Approach

Joram Ngugi Kamau1**Corresponding author:  ngugij88@gmail.com

Development of Seed Enhancement Technology for Improving the Quality of Sunflower Seeds

Talha Javed1*, Rubab Shabbir2, Muhammad Saqib Mushtaq3, Habel Parwaiz4, Ahmed Mukhtar1 and Tahawar Ali Syed4 *Corresponding author:  talhaagron@hotmail.com  

Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles for agricultural applications

Ishrat Fatima1*, Muhammad Aslam2, Muhammad Waqas Yonas3, Muhammad Haroon4, Muhammad Saqib Mushtaq5, Faheem Abbas and Muhammad Usman Tahir6*Corresponding author: fatimaishrat661@gmail.com

Evaluating the Impact of Different Pelleting and Priming Techniques on Stand Establishment and Vigour of Cedrus deodara

Talha Javed1*, Rubab Shabbir2, Irfan Afzal1, Muhammad Asad Naseer1 and Ahmed Mukhtar1*Corresponding author: talhajaved54321@gmail.com

A review: Effectiveness of packaging materials treated with insecticide and plant extract against Tribolium castaneum and Trogoderma granarium

Yasir Ishfaq1, Muhammad Waqas1, Sumer Zulfiqar1*, Muhammad Awais1, Jamil Ijaz1, Muhammad Umair Gulzar1, Muhammad Ishtiaq Sarwar1*Corresponding author: sumerzulfiqar77@gmail.com

2018 / Vol: 1 / Issue: 1

Insecticidal Potential of Aqueous extracts of Neem and Datura on Khapra beetle, Trogoderma granarium

Aneeb Ali1, Mirza Aizaz Asim1*, Adeel Aslam1, Muhammad Ishtiaq Sarwar1, Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq1, Mubashir Tariq1, Faisal Mushtaq2 and Muhammad Umair Gulzar1 Corresponding author: mirzaaizazbaig8@gmail.com

Impact of Temperature on Efficacy of Diatomaceous Earth (Silicosec) against Rhyzopertha dominica and Tribolium castaneum

Muhammad Umair Gulzar1*, Ch. M. Shahid Hanif1, Muhammad Waheed Shah1, Mazhar Abbas1, Muhammad Usman1, Usman Sohail1 and Muhammad Ishtiaq Sarwar1  Corresponding author: umairgulzar333@gmail.com