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Empirical study on near field communication (NFC)

The International Journal of Global Sciences (TIJOGS)


Mudassara Perveen

Department of computer science, Government college university of Faisalabad.

*Corresponding author: mudassaraperveen123@gmail.com 

Submitted Accepted Published
Oct 15,2022 Nov 19,2022 Dec 10,2022

2022 / Vol: 4 / Issue: 2


Abstract: Near Field Communication (NFC) as a promising short range wireless communication technology facilitates mobile phone usage of billions of people throughout the world that offers diverse services ranging from payment and loyalty applications to access keys for offices and houses. Eventually NFC technology integrates all such services into one single mobile phone. NFC technology has emerged lately, and consequently not much academic source is available yet. On the contrary, due to its promising business case options, there will be an increasing amount of work to be studied in the very close future. This paper presents the concept of NFC technology in a holistic approach with different perspectives, including communication essentials with standards, ecosystem and business issues, applications, and security issues. Open research areas and further recommended studies in terms of academic and business point of view are also explored and discussed at the end of each major subject’s subsection. This comprehensive survey will be a valuable guide for researchers and academicians as well as for business world interested in NFC technology. 

Keywords: Near field communication NFC Survey, Communication essentials, NFC Security Applications, Application development, secure element.


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